Information Records Management and Library Services

If knowledge is power, then information management is the key to harnessing that power. But information management tools are only as good as the people who put them to use.


Corestaff’s highly specialized employees collect, organize and access information for better utilization. Our success stories span every sector, from legal documents and hospital records to academic research and art collections.


Always up to Speed


Corestaff keeps pace with trends in Information Management and Library Sciences. Specialization drives innovation, so you can be sure that we:


•           Fully understand the project at hand

•           Know how to find the right skill sets for the job

•           Recommend best practices based on experience


The results speak for themselves. Our clients build smarter and more nimble organizations.


Information/records management & library services specialties


•           Archivist

•           Librarian

•           Library Clerk

•           Library Manager/Director

•           Library Para Professional

•           Research/Legal

•           Research Librarian

•           Research/Business & Finance


Search our library services or information management jobs in the US to find out what’s out there or submit your resume and a member of our team will be in contact.